Take the guesswork out of following your doctor's orders

Never again forget exactly what it was that your doctor said during the appointment.

Recording your doctor's notes

Sometimes it's hard to remember everything your doctor said during the appointment. Maybe she used unfamiliar jargon, or perhaps he discussed some prescription and you just can't recall exactly what he said.

VisitMemo lets you record your doctor's instructions so you can listen later, or share the audio with your family who's helping with your care.

Helping families share health information

You want to be there, but sometimes that's just not possible. Maybe your parents live out of state, or maybe life just gets in the way. Keep up-to-date on their health by having them record their doctor's orders when you just can't be there.

For growing families

Bringing a child into this world is exciting, rewarding, beautiful, ... and exhausting! Who knew there would be so many visits to the doctor's office when everything is going well? Dad wants to be a part of everything, but sometimes he just can't make it. Now, with VisitMemo, you can record the doctor's update so he can keep up with everything that's going on inside of you.

Keeping tabs on the kids' health

Sometimes you can't be the one who takes them to see the doctor. Whether it's an illness or injury, you can still get the information you need about your child's visit by having the doctor call your VisitMemo number with their notes.